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“Let me introduce to you my good friend and colleague Adrien and his partner Morgane. They are experts on Rhodes island in Greece.

I first met Adrien at European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations training in Warszaw, Poland many years ago. We agreed that my island (Cyprus) and his island (Rhodes) offer the best sunny climate in the Mediterranean.

When I visited Rhodes, I was amazed by super clean sea and sandy beaches. Historical sights there are fascinating too. And in Lindos on Rhodes you can find the best ice cream ever.”

“Hi, we are Adrien Bordrez and Morgane Duclaux. Adrien is official guide in Rhodes for the last ten years. And Morgane is also working in tourism industry.
We both enjoy life in Rhodes! We chose to stay on this island as there are so many hidden treasures to be discovered.
It is our pleasure to share with you the best addresses to enjoy real Rhodian gastronomy and the most beautiful beaches. 
We will give you the best advice on how to enjoy your visit on this island that is so rich with both natural and cultural heritage.”

We have created a virtual guide to Rhodes for your phone



When the best weather is in Rhodes and when you can swim in the sea

Which area to choose

Suitable for you and your fellow travellers


Where to get cheap flights and money-saving tips


Which hotels are best and where to find private accommodation

Car Hire

How much a car costs, where to rent it, what to look out for before signing the contract

Important information before the trip

COVID-19, what forms have to be completed, important notices about drinking water, health care and your safety


Most popular

Beaches that you just have to see


Beaches to be alone on


Perfect for a couple

For families with children

Beaches where your children can have fun and be safe at the same time



For lovers of history, especially antiquity and the Middle Ages

Natural beauty

The places and sights that will take your breath away. Photo opportunities galore!

Monasteries and churches

The best churches and cathedrals

Where to go with children

Keep the kids entertained

Active fun

Where to go when museums and monuments aren’t your thing and you’re looking for excitement


Traditional tavernas

Where the locals go and you won’t be surrounded by tourists

Seafood restaurants

For the freshest fish and best seafood

Confectionery and desserts

Ice cream, pancakes and traditional sweets

International cuisine

Sample the latest signature dishes of contemporary Rhodian chefs

Fast, easy and cheap

Where to find the tastiest gyros

How to travel around Rhodes safely

By car, bus or motorbike

Rhodes and drinking water

Is the tap water safe or not

All about taxis

Where to find them and prices

How much it costs to rent a bicycle, scooter, motorbike or buggy

And where to find it


English-speaking doctors

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