There is no railway system nowadays in Cyprus, so no trains, no trams and no subway. In the years of October 1905 to December 1951 there was a railway which was passing from 39 stations. Nowadays there are buses, taxis or rental cars are available in many areas of North Cyprus. There is also (minibus) services which are also known as ‘Dolmus.


Renting a car in North Cyprus is fairly easy with a European driving license (that has been obtained more than 1 year before rental). For other nationalities an International Driving License is required.

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Getting to Rhodes/ Car rental 


Dolmus is a kind of shuttle bus available from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm at working days. They start at 9.00 am at the weekend. They are operating in many places of N. Cyprus. Prices are very reasonable such as 2 €/person from the first stop to the last stop in Kyrenia or in other cities.

If you want to take one from Nicosia to Kyrenia you can get domus company called ’Kombos’. The first stop is at the ‘Mevlevi Tekke’ and the last stop is at the city centre of Kyrenia which is near the Colony Hotel.

Reservations can be done by phone or you can visit their offices.

They depart every half an hour. It is 30 minutes drive normally from Nicosia to Kyrenia but during the rush hour it takes more time and the price is 3€/person.

If you want to go from Kyrenia to Famagusta you can again use ‘Kombos’ or ‘Itimat’. They operate the same hours departing from near the Colony Hotel in Kyrenia and just outside the city walls of Famagusta which is the last stop. The price is 5€/person for Girne/ Mağusa (Kyrenia/ Famagusta) for both companies. You can also find ‘Dolmus’ to Guzelyurt (Morphou) and Lefke (Lefka).

If you want to travel from the city of Girne (Kyrenia to the west) to Lapta, and from the (east of Kyrenia) Catalkoy to Girne there are dolmus services that operate frequently from Kyrenia Municipality Parking at the Kyrenia centre.

The ‘dolmus’ (minibuses) are mainly white/cream-colored Ford transit vehicles.

USEFUL TIP:  If you are not at their stop you can always stop them by raising a hand on their route.

KOMBOS – Kyrenia (Girne) T: +3928151872. Famagusta (Mağusa) T: +3923652623

ITIMAT – Nicosia T: +3922271617, Famagusta (Mağusa) T: +003923666666, mobile +905338201616


Buses are operating from the bus terminals and the bus stops in the cities of Kyrenia, Nicosia and the other cities of the N. Cyprus. There is no schedule like inter-bus in the North. The buses are very old and they run from Nicosia to villages. They are really in bad condition. Nobody uses them actually as everyone has a car. 


There are also many taxi stops all over N. Cyprus. Their prices are not high. Mainly, all the taxis are 4 seated ‘Mercedes’. If you want to get a bigger car for your family you can get a 6 seated minivan. They are known as Vito/Vianno. Taxis are metered. If you are going to travel a long distance you can always negotiate in advance with the driver for a lower price.

‘Uber’ is unfortunately not available in N. Cyprus.


From Larnaca to Kyrenia (Girne) 70€, from Larnaca to Famagusta (Mağusa) 70€, from Larnaca to Bafra 70€


There are rentals in some hotels and tourist areas. You can also rent public bicycles in Rhodes Town. You can rent Greek-made FIDUSA Bicycles for 10-35€/day in Rhodes Town

T: +302241021264

You can easily find mountain bikes and some providers also offer electric bikes. 


Scooters can be rented via Nulu, an app that shows you the closest electrical scooter that you can take and leave wherever you want.

Prices: day pass 19€ – allows up to 4h in one or multiple drives during the day. Free to download on Google play or the App store. 

Motorbike rental is also offered by most rent-a-car companies. Prices range from 20-50 €/day, with helmet included. It is mandatory to wear a helmet one – if police stops you without one you will have to pay 350 €. With a regular driving license you can rent small capacity scooter (50cc) which can be useful if you stay inside the town or don’t venture too far.


Quads and other similar vehicles can be found in tourist areas. Prices from 50€ to 150/200€/day depending on the model. This is not so useful is you plan on staying on the main road, but you can go off-road if you venture inside the island, around the villages and the hills.

Always be cautions if you decide to go off the beaten track, some roads can be treacherous. To explore these areas, you can also take part in a Jeep Safari where a professional will be with you.

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